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Used equipment will typically save you 70 – 85% on the cost of equivalent new equipment. Savings can be greater or smaller depending on the age of the equipment. Some lines of the newest equipment may not be available secondhand.



CRB Networks Warranty terms

NEW Equipment - 12 Months Warranty

USED Equipment - Lifetime Warranty (**excluding Phones (6 months)

Under our warranty we will replace faulty equipment (after return and inspection) – typical turnaround is 5-7 days. 

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What you need to know:

A substantial proportion of CISCO equipment does not have any software component at all. This includes most of the modules, line cards, adapters, power supplies, transceivers, SFPs etc that are inserted into modular routers and switches. Therefore Licensing does not need to be considered for these items.

For CISCO equipment with an IOS or other software the IOS/software license does not transfer on the sale of Used CISCO equipment.

Where such licenses are available to buy, purchasers of used equipment may buy a new license for the appropriate IOS version. 


Please refer to CISCO’s own website for their official IOS Transfer and Relicensing Policy.

Image by Esaias Tan

At CRB Networks, our normal leadtime to supply a Networking Equipment is 5-7 working days

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