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CRB Networks has been recycling and disposing of E-Waste for over 15 years and has built up a reputation for solving and facilitating the best return to our customers for their unwanted IT equipment.

It is a great option to get the maximum value for your redundant stock or end of life equipment, with the main objectives to keep E-Waste out of land fill


CRB Networks Recycling Services include Collection, Data Sanitisation and Asset Disposal.


CRB Networks will collect your equipment and transport it back to one of it’s processing centres located in every state in Australia for either remarketing or recycling. All asset tags and identifiers are removed, hard drives and

storage media are assessed and any residual data wiped or physically destroyed.


We provide Asset Recovery and Recycling Certificates when requested. This certificate includes a record of the manufacturer, model and serial number of each unit sanitised.

Image by Esaias Tan

Request a Valuation of your surplus Networking and Server equipment today.

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